Hidell International is an interdisciplinary group of financial, technical, and operational professionals in the beverage industry. Together with our clients, we strive to utilize our expertise to define and achieve corporate objectives, build teams, achieve budgets, and develop and launch new products.

Hidell International has 45 years of operating and financial experience to help the managers of our client companies navigate through their next innovation and growth phase. We’ve helped companies expand their customer base, focus product development efforts, fill key management vacancies, complete mergers and acquisitions, divest of business or assets, perform due diligence, design manufacturing facilities, manage supply chain issues and logistics, organize strategic financial management, and address regulatory issues. We also provide expert witness opinion/testimony regarding damages, industry practices, and intellectual property.

The following are among the types of services we supply:

  • Design and oversee construction, equipment specification and installation, and start-up of beverage bottling facilities.
  • Create and provide specifications for innovative nutritional product formulation including beverages, foods and supplements for good health.
  • Provide detailed marketing plans and oversee the execution of business development programs for companies seeking to introduce new products into markets.
  • Provide tactical expertise and in-house participation with management during periods of growth or financial “turn-around.”
  • Conduct hydrogeological investigations and provide consulting services for the development and permitting of water resources.
  • Execute strategic mergers and acquisitions.
  • Provide regulatory guidance and support for importing products into the United States including scientific and engineering reports under USFDA requirements.
  • Valuation of businesses, assets and water resources.

We have wide flexibility as to the size and type of client companies we work with and the nature of services we provide. We have consulted in a wide variety of industries including: beverages, water systems, nutritional products, caps and closures, food microbiology diagnostics, and drinking water systems. Our clients include industry players, suppliers, banks, private equity players, and government/regulatory groups.

Our goal is to identify great businesses and work with them to help realize their objectives. We pursue five to seven year relationships with companies to build fundamental value and drive growth. We work with clients ultimately because we have faith in the business and the management team in place. Our long-term perspective enables us to align with our clients to reinforce the management team, execute strategic mergers and acquisitions, and achieve growth.


  • Beverages
  • QC/QA
  • Food/Nutrition
  • Plant Production Design
  • Engineering
  • Legal/Expert Witness
  • Water Resources
  • Finance
  • Management